Our Family

The kids

We believe that being a missionary is more than just a one or two person job, it's a family commitment so we ask that you would pray for our kids while on deputation and when we are on the field.

Keira Anastasia- November 26, 2009
Gabriella Lynn - April 29, 2005
Vienna Hope - February 14, 2012
Joab Darius - March 22, 2007
Judah David - March 26, 2014



LGP-hoffman-1011I was born on August 30, 1982 in Hammond, Indiana. I grew up with a godly father and mother that did their best to instill God's Word in me. My dad was, and still is, a pastor in Indiana and he has pastored two Baptist churches simultaneously for the last eighteen years. When I was six years old, I knelt down with my mother at the side of my bed and asked Jesus to come into my heart and become my Lord and Saviour. At the age of ten during a special service at church I remember the Lord pressing very hard on my heart about becoming a missionary. I went down to the altar and told the Lord that I would go wherever he called me. When I was sixteen, my sister and I ran a summer club for kids with Child Evangelism Fellowship where we could have a club with Bible stories, songs and verses which ran for five days. We would then find another group of kids and do it all over again the next week. We saw around one hundred kids saved during those three months. I also took several missions trips, some with my sisters, and some without going to five different continents and seeing how missionaries worked and lived. Unfortunately, for a long time I just worked, first for some men in the church and then later on doing my own business, and lived life with the mission field on the back burner. I met my wife, Jennifer, at church and we were married and started a family. We were just living life, not going out into the world, but not really trying to do much for the Lord. One day, a close relative passed away, it was unexpected and tragic and it really opened my eyes. I realized that life is short and fleeting and I didn't want my life to be a waste in God's eyes. I didn't want to stand naked and ashamed before the Lord. Jen and I thought about the mission field again and we considered Panama. We took a survey trip down to panama in 2008 and stayed for three weeks. I hadn't gone to Bible School yet and we weren't ready or spiritually mature enough to head to the field. By this time we had three kids and we left everything to move to Toledo, Ohio, for Bible School. We moved there not knowing anyone and not even having a job lined up but God blessed us. I graduated from the institute in 2013. For a year and a half after I graduated, my wife and I worked in the church while I continued to run my own business and waited for the Lord's leading. In the summer of 2014, God was again pushing me toward the mission field, and on Labor Day, I felt the very clear call of the Lord to start getting ready to head to the field. Jen, the five kids, and I are ready and willing to follow the Lord's leading. We are excited to go to Panama and see whats next in the Lord's plan for us.



LGP-hoffman-1021When I was a little girl, my mother took me to Catholic mass often on Sunday mornings and I received confirmation. My parents moved and my father decided to start going to a Baptist church and he wanted our family to attend together. Both of my parents got saved there around the age of thirty. Shortly after this, at 11 years old, I went to youth camp with the church and on Monday, the first night of camp, I stood up during invitation and trusted Jesus Christ as my Savior. Sadly, the church split after this, and my family jumped around to different churches for years, going only when it was convenient. My parents moved again in my late teens and found my future father-in-laws church. They loved it and made it their church home, where they are still members today. During my teenage years, I lost sight of the Lord and was living a fruitless life in the world. Under deep conviction and counsel from a godly pastor's wife (my future mother-in-law), I repented of the life I was living and turned my life back over to Christ, surrendering to him and to his will. Later after this, I married my husband knowing that he felt the call to the mission field. As the years have gone by, I have kept busy teaching Sunday Schoo, helping with VBS, working in Junior Church, Teaching Master Clubs, working with Missions, raising our five children, and homeschooling the oldest three. Early in our marriage, I often asked the Lord to give me a heart for missions, to be a wife that supports her husband, and not hinder him. The Lord heard and answered my prayer; not only do I have a heart for the mission field but I have also have a desire and eagerness to reach the Panamanian people with the gospel of Christ.